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May 31, 2012, 3:43 AM

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Re: [rehmwa] Launching Bows

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I'm point, and I'm causing 180 degrees of rotation on launch. What am I doing wrong?

wow - there's 4 people causing this.

Right on. And I'd say Point sometimes has the least influence over it, beyond staying mostly out of the way!

Be patient and relaxed. You still want to get out the door and presented in good time, so be positive and don't get dragged out of the plane. But if you think about H (Bow) as a fairly long sheet on the relative wind (to start with this is coming from the nose of the plane), with Tail quite a way down the hill from you and you up at the top, looking over your shoulder down at Tail, you can see that you are in no hurry to launch - give time and space to OC and IC - and that you don't need to push off too hard at all to be in that position.

IC can cause H to get dragged around if they're hesitant or impeded, OC needs to present well and make the right space, and Tail has a lot of influence in keeping it on heading.

4-way is definitely about all 4 of you Cool

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