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May 30, 2012, 6:55 AM

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Re: [JoeBobJumper] Bowling DZOs/managers please read

If it was an instructor, ops mgr and a DZO with the same opinion, it does look like they had some strong opinions.

Threads here on dz about students with problems do suggest cutting a student some slack and giving it time, before any bowling speech, if it is mainly a performance issue. And switch instructors if there's a personality conflict. A DZ shouldn't string a student along and just take their money, but if the student is willing to keep working on things and are still safe, there's no arbitrary limit on how many jumps it should take to get AFF or a license done.

Wonder what got the DZ so bothered. Presumably it didn't take 20 jumps to get to C1. Did you blow a couple AAD cutters, do something they saw as grossly unsafe, have an attitude they didn't like, have no clue during the debrief what was happening in the air??

Unless there was one stunningly dangerous or incompetent act, one would expect a "think about it carefully and shape up" speech (& discussion!) before ever escalating to the bowling speech.

In any case it sounds like things are going smoother elsewhere.

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