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May 30, 2012, 6:20 AM

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Re: [DiverMike] Bowling DZOs/managers please read

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Without a bit more detail its hard to know how to respond, although if you have continued elsewhere without problems, it indicates that perhaps the problem was not yours.

Whichever DZ gave you the bowling speach has the highest degree of respect from me. They put your safety in front of their desire to make money.

Just because you were successful at a different DZ certainly does not mean you weren't part of the problem. You were given a pretty serious 'time-out'. It is possible you approached the training at the second DZ with a more attentive attitude.

Based on what they saw, you had the potential to seriously injure or kill yourself or others.

It sounds like everything worked out for you. Congratulations on sticking with it and making whatever adjustments were necessary to be in this sport safely.

Maybe you are correct, but I have personally witnessed DZ's where their own incompetance led to them rejecting people who were perfectly capable of making a safe skydive.

Of course, in their own arrogant eyes they were faultless.

Seen from the viewpoint of someone who has a lot of experience in training both students and Instructors, "incompetant" is perhaps too kind a term to use.

I have also seen students rejected from a DZ for no good reason, only to find they were fine. Some of them turned into world class skydivers and instructors.

Don't believe the hype that everyone who has a rating is an expert in the field of instruction....because that is far from the case.

In this instance there is really too little information to make an accurate judgement whether the student was the one at fault.

I would like to see the OP answer my questions about his jumps up to the point he was rejected, and what steps had been taken (if any) in his previous training to correct any faults. It sounds like the bowling speech came as a complete surprise to him, and if that was in fact the case, it sounds to me that the DZ was less than perfect.

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