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May 29, 2012, 12:01 PM

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Re: [nigel99] elderly skydivers

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Fortunately in my case I discovered that I have excersize induced asthma and a $5 puffer has literally changed my life. Really wish I had known 20 years ago...

I have both exercise-induced and allergen-induced asthma but in my case I have never had to use my puffer at the DZ. But cases are different and I take one dose of my turbohaler (powder) every morning. (Lowest dosage possible, works great with me.)

BTW: Have you been shown how to use it correctly? (I bet you have... just in case. It's shown in a totally wrong way in many (American) movies.)

I started with a thorough medical inspection by an aviation physician because of my asthma. She did some checks, asked whether my medication was regulated correctly and then told me: Son, yer test results are bl00dy good, better than any average smoker, and probably better than any untrained "normal" folks. Cool
Being a TI I have to undergo a medical check every three years, so I think I'm being monitored quite well. Additionally I do sports several times a week (nah, additionally to skydiving Wink) so I guess that sort of explains RR 125/80 at 60 bpm plus a smile of my young doctress^T doctor every time she stethoscopes me. Hah, I coined a verb? AngelicCool

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