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hokierower  (B 36150)

May 29, 2012, 8:02 AM

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Longer risers coupled with longer brakes?

As I was getting adjusted to a new canopy (Sabre2 150) this past weekend I was performing usual manuevers, i.e. toggle turns, toggle flare, riser turns, riser flare, almost stall on toggles, almost stall on risers, etc. and ran into an issue with my front riser turns where the instant I touch the fronts, the canopy bucks. Looked at the brake lines during the manuever and sure enough, there's barely any slack in them and I'm deflecting the tail as soon as I thick about my fronts Frown

So in order to properly execute my eventual landing, I need to lengthen the brake lines (2-4"). Unfortunately, doing so will decrease the bottom end of the flare. To counter-act that, my initial thought is to get longer risers (currently using 20") so that the brakes can be longer but the bottom of the flare remains in the same point.

My question is what will this do to the canopy's characteristics. Searching through old threads I saw that increasing the riser length will increase the recovery arc, but is there something else that I need to be concerned with?

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