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feuergnom  (D License)

May 24, 2012, 5:29 AM

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Re: [mircan] Tandem jump goes to sh*t...

apart from the very, very, very scary freefall (holy fucking shit!):
no proper suit for the passenger, no head protection, flimsy shoes...... but thats just for starters.....

then: why would a TI want to make a standing exit with an elderly pax????? have her sit on your lap and roll out of the door - especially in a plane with a huge door like this

why TF didn't the videoguy shove them back in or block the door? there was plenty of time to signal the TI a big fucking NO! at least that is what I would do as a videoperson.... no chance for lucky heroism in freefall

as soon as she tried to back in he should have broken off the exit. as long as no limbs are outside you always have the opportunity and also the DUTY to stay in the plane should a pax make clear he doesn't want to jump.... and that lady clearly dind't want to go

I am truly amazed that people pull off stunts like these in suehappy america....

edit to add: the ability to jump tandems is not about getting the drogue out, deploy the main and land safely. thats only the small part. the bigger and more important one (i guess thats the real basics) is about knowing when to make the right decisions with his individual passenger - be it on the ground, on the way to alti in the plane or in freefall. this TI clearly forgot the basics Unimpressed

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