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May 15, 2012, 7:58 PM

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Why do you jump with alti on S/L? Isn't there a 5sec rule in place. Check your canopy, if you cannot sort out the problem then chop?

Why wouldn't you jump with altimeter?? Seems important to me at least. From my experiences as a student and watching other students go through the SL program most can't count. They have so much other stuff going through the head when you tell them to count to 5, they maybe count to 2 or you say 5 and they count to 10. You give them a hard deck and without an altimeter that would be extremely challenging to a student. Sure you go XX amount of feet per sec but do you think they would be calculating that?

Just my opinion though

Your opinion is good. Students suffer time distortion and telling them to count anything is not the way to go....ever.. Yet some schools still do things that way and it works...mostly.

But, in all fairness, Potatoman may be and old timer. Back in the day, it was not uncommon for S/L students to have no altimeter.. I learned at one of those places that didn't. They had me counting 5 seconds, then ten, then 15.

On all jumps I counted alright:

1......2.......3-4-5 Arrrrrrrgh!!!!!!!!!

oh...and the EPs were:
If anything goes wrong, do this (capewells).

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