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hillson  (D 33134)

May 14, 2012, 3:31 PM

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Re: [Chiemel] AFF Student general questions

No idea about AFF thruput. Probably greater than 50% where i am Past AFF probably a bit greater.

Horseshoe: talk to your instructors. My procedure: IF I have the altitude...try no more than twice to clear the attachment point then full EPs: cutaway and pull reserve by my hard deck. If I'm in the basement I'll hit silver and deal with whatever happens then. Follow the SIM and your instructors...the horseshoe is pretty much a bar quiz every week or two me. FWIW my EPs are one hand each handle and chop for any malfunction (PCIT for example); my rental gear does not include an RSL.

Equip: analog alti (jump 2), full-face and audible (jump 52), digital alti (jump ~65), jumpsuit order (about the same). Saving money for a rig: every paycheck. Luckily I can afford to rent on the weekends and still jump while also putting away 1/3 of the paycheck every two weeks.

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