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CookieMonsta  (Student)

May 14, 2012, 9:48 AM

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Re: [NWFlyer] Quick AFF Stability question

Oh I am completely relying on what they say its just nice to hear opinions elsewhere. I do exactly as they instruct. And I also had my C-1 that I had passed put on video, however its on the DZ computer and we didnt upload it anywhere so no video for you Tongue
However, on the video my body positioning looked good. Even on my first attempt the instructors could not isolate the issue.

My question was really "How loose should upper body actually be" with back story as to why I needed to know this and then another question being "Has anyone else experienced it and what did they do to fix it"

Sorry, not trying to be an ass especially since im new (both on these boards and to skydiving) but thats the standard cookie cutter answer i see here on these message boards!

And I think ive got a total of 3:50 of freefall time, not including the one tandem I have done!

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