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May 9, 2012, 11:35 AM

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Re: [stratostar] The Future of Skydiving

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Can't say more at this time, but you all sit back and watch it's about to get real interesting in the real near future* for some of us.

*6 mos or maybe less, maybe more?

Let me guess....

1) Something to do with the $100 tax per flight? That will make skydiving almost twice as expensive overnight.

2) The USPA will be effectively "absorbed" by the FAA/DHS, and USPA will be disbanded and no longer be recognized by the government as a valid organisation/association.

3) DZs will have to be certified with the same level of scrutiny regarding safety rules and regulations as airlines. All TI/TM will be forced to get a commercial pilot license and a TWIC card

4) Every new skydiving /tandem tourist will need to get fingerprinted, credit and criminal background checked, blood drawn with DNA sampled, voice identification, etc etc .... x-ray body scanners will be required before skydiving...

5) There will be a special "value added tax" towards aviation fuel for nonessential activities that do not fall under public transportation... So for example, skydiving operators will have to pay MUCH MORE tax for aviation fuel than the general public aviation or airliners.

6) Tandem, as a money making machine, tourist attracting ploy, etc will be BANNED.

7) Skydivers with license have to re-certify every three years regardless of whether or not they have been active.

8) One strike and you are out... skydivers that experience any malfunction will not be allowed to skydive anymore...

9) Skydiving activities will be rationed and capped. No matter your level of experience or skill or license, only 100 jumps per year, 1000 jumps per lifetime, retroactively applies.

10) Every skydiving accident or death will get the FBI and NTSB involved.

Did I leave anything out?

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