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May 8, 2012, 1:06 AM

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Re: [scotty_j] Container sizing?

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I have heard a couple of people say that the micron or infinity will be a physically smaller rig with the same canopy at a max fit.

What you have to consider is your body size as well.
If you are let say 6ft, you might have some troubles reaching for the PC on a short rig. Or the other way around....

I think that the shortest rig is one of the new Talons. If my memory is correct, the rig was only 14 inches long. (the smallest size).

Jump Shack will make you a Power Racer with 15X9 inches backpad dimensions, which is still smaller compared to the smallest V 303 .

If you have an average body size, don't buy your rig based on the container dimensions. One or two inches longer or shorter, you will not feel the difference!


One funny thing is that overstuffed small rig looks bigger than the next size bigger container with the same canopies packed inside.......and much uglier Cool

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