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May 3, 2012, 7:17 PM

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Re: [LloydDobbler] More SkyRide complete and total, utter CRAP!!

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Well i have an idea that might fix the google search thing.

Google uses 2 main components in its search algorithm.

1) how many other sites link your site...
I am sure that skyride uses this to the max, making it very popular on google. If every true dropzone website listed links to other real US drop zones maybe we could fix this.

2) Number of clicks...
Well because skyride has so many sites that it gets clicks and people redirected all over the place, i am sure this is also the reason they are at the top of the search. You can pay google a fee (how google makes 90% of its money) and it will place your company up in the top of the page. Each time someone click on your link you are billed a small amount.

Anyway just some ideas...

Hey, Jon -

Not quite. There are lots of variables that determine who's at the top of a Google organic search results page, but number of clicks isn't one of them.

As a dropzone, your best bets are to:

1 - Build legitimate backlinks, in a non-spammy way. (Jumpdude, the sites you mentioned have worked in the past, but have started getting penalized by Google lately.) You need people to link to your site with the correct anchor text, and you need the backlinking sites to be relevant, high pagerank sites.
You are right in a couple of areas, In link trading, it's imperative that you do ABCD links. A lot of webmasters/site owners do AB-BA and ABC links, These are a huge no no! The links cross paths, in an ABCD link trade, the links never cross, ie,
Site B links to site B and Site C links to site D, So they never cross paths,
In and ABC trade, site A links to site B which links to site C, They still don't cross paths, but you have to have a lot more sites to work with to prevent the search engines from picking up on the pattern.
AB-BA trades are the worse, Site A to Site B and B back to A, Nothing accomplished.
If you really wanna see how many sites link to a certain site, and get the comprehensive info about the links, download the free version of SEO Spyglass and run an analysis of the site you want to know about.
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Doing a link exchange by adding links to other dropzones from a "check out these other dropzones" page on your site is an excellent idea - Jon, you're spot-on, there.
I agree!

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2 - Have optimized, fresh content on your site. Do your research, target the keywords you're after, and use them appropriately (but not overly so - again, Google and other search engines penalize the spammy use of keyword stuffing). Start a blog as a component of your site, if you can find the time, and regularly add new content (again, targeting specific keywords).

As for keyword stuffing, You are 100% correct, I believe the max acceptable keyword usage is like 4 or 5%
I suggest to maybe get some of the jumpers who like to write blogs (and are good at it) and have them go in each week, at least a couple of days a week, or more, and do it like a story of their life and times at the DZ. Sounds cheezy, but after all, we are marketing to Wuffos, not skydivers and the point is to get them excited and spend their money with your REAL DZ rather than sLyride's fake ass websites!
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3 - If you can justify the cost, move forward on paid search/pay-par-click advertising. This means you want your site to look as slick as possible, and give them an option to go ahead and book online, so that when you pay for a click for someone to visit your site, you convert them to a sale. Unfortunately, Skyride sites still tend to look better than most dropzone websites out there, so they hold the edge in converting people looking for a dropzone into paid customers.
Just be careful not to let the CPC (cost per click) get too high.
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4 - Get your DZ an updated profile in various online directories. Make sure your Google page is up to date. Add yourself to, Yelp, and other local review sites. Solicit people to give you reviews (REAL reviews) when they come to your DZ. Optimize each directory site for keywords, just like you would your website.
DEFINITELY do directory listings and profiles. Also, get links from high Page Rank sites like Facebook, DMOZ, Yahoo, Google and so on and so forth. If your jumpers don't have a site for their business or whatever that they use in their Facebook profiles, add the link as their website.
Anyway, just a few thoughts.

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There are lots of other nuts-and-bolts of SEO, but those are your basic, key things that someone can easily do to help their sites rank better.

Anyway, not trying to split hairs - just want people who are trying to optimize their sites to not go about wasting their time on the wrong things. Clicks mean nothing - it's your site being optimized for search engines that makes a difference.

(Content Marketing & SEO since 2004)

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