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May 2, 2012, 11:34 AM

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Re: [packerboy] 1st time tandem landing, broken ankle, would solo landing be easier?

Seems like those who do not share my opinion (which is fine) are the ones who feel their ego as a sky god TI is in question. It is not. I test your morals not your ego, if you cannot discuss one without the other than that's your issue. Not mine.

Comments like that is why it becomes a dick measuring contest. You admit you have no idea how hard it is, yet you insult anyone that dares not agree with you.

I NEVER said it wasn't harder. Not once. I said I felt it was wrong to charge extra.

And if I admitted that it might be harder to pack a tandem than a sport rig, but that you were morally wrong for charging more for a tandem just because you are robbing money from the tandem passengers and penalizing them for not being able to jump by themselves.... How much credibility would you give me?

Your morals are bankrupt.... You charge more for a tandem packjob knowing that it is the only way most people will ever get to jump... It is simple highway robbery. You should only charge what you would charge a solo jumper to pack the parachute.... Degree of difficulty and time it takes does not matter, all that matters is your selfish desire to make more money at the expense of tandem students who are not able to jump by themselves.

This sound foolish? Well, it is the SAME type of logic you are trying to use on TI's that do not agree with you.

Like it or not... More work should get more pay. It is more work to pack a tandem, you should get paid more. It is more work to jump with a big guy and the TI should get paid for that as well. Also, bigger people DO put more wear on gear and the owners of that gear should be compensated for it.

I know the DZ in question. I asked them why they charge more and the answers they gave me were:

1. They are more work for the TI
2. They put more wear on the gear
3. They have a higher risk of injury.

In fact they had data that showed that almost every tandem that was hurt out there was over a certain weight (I don't recall that weight). And due to that, they stopped taking people over that weight. Incidents dropped after that choice. Now, you may bash them for being insensitive for not taking big people.... But that is their RIGHT as a business owner.

But to make this all fair.... You start only charging normal solo rates for packing tandems and I will not take the fatty tax. In fact, you pick the time period and during that entire time we will BOTH send the difference to the charity of YOUR choice... Deal?

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