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dominicc  (C License)

Apr 30, 2012, 5:17 PM

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Monkey flip video?


I want to pass my D license in Canada and I have to do a jump who include a "Monkey Flip"....I already check on the DZ forum. I found the answer below but I wonder if somebody have it on video??? I ask the CSPA but they don't have the information either...

is it just like a "eagle" but you hold the chest strap of your partner???

Thank's for the link if you have it!


A Monkey Flip the two freeflyers, one headup with a chest strap grip and the other head-down, make a frontlooping rotation about each other. To stop the loop rotation, the freeflyer arriving back to the headup position pushes on the chest strap of the head-down freeflyer."

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