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Apr 30, 2012, 8:02 AM

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Re: [jers119] Question on Most AFF Students

Like others have already said - everyone, and what may or may not work best for them, is different.

Personally, I've NEVER done a Tandem. On either side of the equation. My 1st jump was AFF, and I am glad it was. For me, I think - if I did my 1st jump as a tandem, I may have actually run the "risk" of never even bothering to ever do it again. AFF - for me, gave me the appreciation of learning and understanding all those "nuances" of what was going on, and that I would have to (relatively anyway) fly my OWN body, and my OWN parachute, along with just the "experience". I fear that if (again, just for me - YMMV) - rather I had experienced my 1st jump as nothing more than a "relaxed" "carnival ride", I would have then been maybe even a just "one & done". I mean, after all, you can certainly experience the thrills of a carnival ride by well... going to the carnival, and riding some of the rides - for a heck of a lot cheaper too!

Skydiving is NOT a "carnival ride", and to me anyway - I don't think it really SHOULD be (or approached as such) either.

There is nothing wrong with ANY of the approaches already mentioned by others in here. Pick whichever is best for YOU - and good luck with it, whichever you decide!! Smile

Edit to add: I'm surprised that nobody has yet mentioned you can also look into even OTHER methods even still as well. For yet others - either static-line or IAD first-jump methods and progression are still also perfectly valid ways to make a first jump, and even get further into it as however you please from there as well.

Just because one person or another says "I did mine this way, or that way - and it's the best" - trust me, ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL - and once again - your own aptitude, perception(s) and personal needs may vary. There are values and benefits, and legitimate perspectives to any of the currently available 1st jump program methods. Good on you for researching and seeking deeper insight in advance. One size does NOT fit all! Come back in here after you've made your 1st jump, and let us know how it goes.

Blue Skies!

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