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JohnRich  (D License)

Apr 29, 2012, 4:03 PM

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Re: [skydude2000] Incidents reporting

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It just seems like if that forum is used to learn, and all we get from many of the media reports is 'The victim's parachute failed to open, became entangled, etc.' that doesn't give the rest of us much insight into what CAUSED the incident.

Whereas a finding from a DZO/Rigger/S & TA who was on scene to examine the gear and/or witnessed the incident, would be more helpful in describing accurate details & preventing similar incidents. But like you said, no one is obligated to do that.

The news reports are immediate, but have no useful information about cause. The report that includes that info from knowledgeable authorities takes weeks to put together, from gear inspections, multiple witness interviews, etc.. And people here are too impatient to wait for that. Thus, they start with what they have - a news report.

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