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Apr 29, 2012, 2:21 AM

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Re: [cpoxon] New Zealand implements CAR part 115 regulation.

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No, it gives the monopoly back to the government, rather than a quango.

LOL, kind of.... Part 149's were/are not funded by the Government.

They are funded by the companies that hold operators certificates issued by them and the sport aviators that hold certificates issue by them.

If the board of directors of a part 149 organisation are also the owners of the companies that hold those operators certificates... then it is only natural that the said board of directors would discourage competition and therefore growth in the industry in the form of new operator certificates being issued.

A vast majority of the $30,000,000+ p/a commercial skydiving industry in New Zealand has been monopolised by a small handful of (about 6)mcompanies for over a decade.

The national sporting body is broke and there are minimal facilities available for sport skydivers.

Fortunately the commercial skydiving diploma school has allowed the sport to grow during the same period.

If NZ had taken the same route as Australia, the sporting body could be wealthy, the sport could be strong and the industry could have generated more revenue for our GDP.

It will also now be safer as aircraft and pilots will be subject by more stringent regulations.

The CAA are not in the business of making money, they are in the business of avoiding accidents and occurrences.

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