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Apr 26, 2012, 7:15 AM

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Re: [skydiverek] SIGMA rig: premature container opening questions

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OK, so I understand that SIGMA container is superior to other tandem containers in a way that if the main container opens, the drogue is automatically released
incorrect. Read my post above. The best you'd get when the main container opens would be partial drogue bridle released (and then hopefully? the drogue released from the BOC pouch). Whether or not the dbag would extract the drogue from the pouch would depend on the drag of the dbag and the force needed to pull the drogue. You could end up with the drogue being pulled or you could end up with a horseshoe.

The sigma is designed with the drogue release pin in place preventing (if the drogue release pin functions normally and not malfunctions as per my post above) the main container to open. If the drogue is pitched then the drogue release pin is pulled and allows for the main container to be opened when the time is right with the handle (on either side of the TI).

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