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Apr 25, 2012, 3:27 PM

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Re: [adamT] Confused

Update for everyone-

Pd wont sell the comp velo lineset with orange vectran for a regular velo. Though the lines are the same minus 1/4 inch slack in c stabiliser and 1/8 inch on the LST Line.

I called them and ordered a new lineset today. We discussed the orange vectran vc lines for a velo and heres the reason they wont sell it. Though he mentioned too that they may be testing it for the velo its not cleared r and d yet. It is like them not offering vectran for a sabre only microline.

It may be in testing but is not cleared for them to sell it to regular people. He stated people that have it have said they have a vc and then done the reline on the velo and they are "not aware or liable". essentially your doing your own R and D.

He said it is not the same line material as the regular vectran also so thats part of it. But that so far it isnt available until they clear it for the velo, though the lines are the same length all the way around the material can change the opening characteristics and recovery, etc. I would assume the same for a velo as the vc

Any how thats that so if you want it tell pd or whoever orders it you have a vc and you on your own it anything bad happens after the fact. the only difference is the coating and the additonal 3 to 6 inches standard on the brake lines to toggle as requested. i couldn't order it as i just did the whole conversation with them and ill error on the safe side until the clear it for the velo. let me know how it works if you get it

Bright side is they had no problem adding 3-6 inches length to the brake lines for me so all that aside its the same minus the coating. And now without paraconcepts rings eating my lines every 150-200 jumps i'm hoping for a better outcome. good luck everyone

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