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Apr 25, 2012, 5:13 AM

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Re: [pchapman] Decelerator Reserve/Vortex II Container Service Bulletin

I got a copy of the new bulletin version.

Sorry to say, but what an incompetent company, at least when it comes to paperwork.

First they don't have bulletins on their own web page, at least in any way apparent.

Then they re-issue a bulletin, with the exact same bulletin name, exact same date, and just a few words changed, with no indication that the bulletin was changed. Two versions of the "same bulletin" will end up out there.

And the language is ambiguous:
The new version says to
a) inspect the brake lines before the next jump,
b) inspect the brake toggles at the next repack,
c) at the end, "Compliance Date: Before next jump".

Now, does that mean that the bulletin overall needs to be considered before the next jump, but the toggles can wait for the next repack? Or that their wording is in error and that the toggles have to follow both next jump and next repack rules, or in effect just the former?

This difference does matter if someone has a Vortex without a Decelerator reserve in it.

I think I'll take the safe way out and interpret that everything has to be inspected before the next jump, and tell my customers that.

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