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Apr 25, 2012, 2:55 AM

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Re: [strife] anyone pay for packing class during A license training

 I've trained all my students from jump number 1 to pack, if they hung around. Since I was Instructor, JM and main student canopy packer, it made sense to show them how to do things one step at a time...first laying out the canopy, then the line check, then setting brakes, then flaking the canopy. etc etc. Small, easy steps that took no extra time....

It really helped speed up my packing for the next load...

Once I was happy that they knew how to pack, they were allowed to jump only their own, (or my) pack job.

I always had a couple of old U/S canopies and harnesses lying around that they could practise on.

For their A licence I would tangle the old canopy up real good and they had to untangle and pack it all on their own, with unlimited time to do so. It was hated, but everybody loved it when they passed, and everyone could untangle and pack anything with complete confidence.....

I also taught them how to disconnect and reconnect the main, and also how to do a prejump inspection of a rig, and a proper pincheck before loading the aircraft. also stressed the importance of routines and what to particularly watch out for, both during packing. and kitting up.

They also had to learn to spot.

It was all just part of the job of teaching skydivers how to look after themselves and others. I wanted a bunch of self reliant people around me ASAP, because I was too busy to nursemaid everyone, and wanted my main focus to be on the noobs....

To me, proper packing skills is something that should be a standard requirement for anyone who obtains an A licence, anywhere.

When we had paid packers for the tandems, the TM's insisted that all packers had to pass that packing test if they hadn't already come through my training course...

And once they'd passed, they LOVED watching the next A licence candidate swearing, cursing and scratching their heads.

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