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Apr 23, 2012, 4:09 PM

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Re: [Dokeman] GoPro Hero2 for tandem stills??? is this being done at DZs?

We have about 20 or so 8x10 prints hanging on the wall and people buy the shit out them. We just give the files on a disk. Prints are just samples for people to see. Not one person has ever said they were not good enough.

Not one of those people was aware that better cameras can be used for skydiving. As far as they know, the stills you display are the best available, and they can buy those or none at all. What do you think would happen if you also posted 8X10s from an SLR, and let the customer choose which ones they wanted for their money?

its more the photographer skills, not the camera there using or how many pictures there getting.

Up to a point. Equipment does have limitations, and with a tiny little lens and a huge field of view, even the best photographer can only do so much. I would never suggest that everyone needs to be jumping a $2000 SLR with a $1000 lens, but given the price point of a Cannon Rebel with a kit lens, I don't think that's an unreasonable standard. You can buy them used for the price of a GoPro, or new for not too much more.

It all comes down to ingetrity. You are the 'experts' in the eyes of your customers, and they are counting on your expertise to provide them with the best possible experience for their skydiving dollar. With the price difference between a GoPro and a basic SLR being no more than you can earn in a 1/2 day of jumping the camera, there is just no excuse for short-changing the customer like that.

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