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Apr 20, 2012, 8:48 AM

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Re: [Squeak] Model's Propeller Accident

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Why am I being pedantic about this.

because it's important to you - you infer a certain amount of excuse making in the term 'forget' and won't accept the implication of diverting responsibility to take the right action

- other people might not make that inference like you do and just use the term as a descriptor or even one they find drives acceptance as a root cause needing ownership also

that's why is understandable that it's semantics for people like me but very important to you

actually - I had thought that Billvon was the one that making inferences based on verbage, not you. I got that backwards.

It's funny, some of the biggest arguments I've ever seen is when two people are clearly on the same page (agreeing) for what is happening and they can't recognize that they are agreeing with each other but just refuse to unless they use the same exact verbage. Usually engineers and technical types. I've seen arguments between grown ups over the use of the phrase "cut in" vs "implement" when both were just talking about making the same change in a product.

thanks for caring - your motivation is understandable and caring for all the youngsters out there - I understand what you're trying to say, but trying to force others to use your specific phrasing is only useful when trying to succeed in getting promotions to executive level in engineering companies LaughLaugh

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