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Apr 20, 2012, 8:08 AM

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Re: [Squeak] Model's Propeller Accident

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NONE of that is FORGETTING to pulls

FFS when did negligence become a synonym for Forgetting.

Experienced jumpers DO NOT FORGET to pull.

I was on a 4-way Freefly load about 6 years ago. At 3000 jumps at the time and 18 years, I was the least experienced of that group.

I broke the sit round at 4500 as usual and tracked away and dumped at 3000 (as usual). The whole time I watched that remaining 3 way remain in a sit.

About the moment I was in the saddle (or so it seemed) - I saw them break, open and land - not a single one had more than a 10 second canopy ride. Two cypres fires (they didn't pull), and one other reserve fire (he remembered to pull silver - so he didn't forget).

But I'd say pretty clearly that two forgot to pull at all at the right time or later, and one forgot to pull at any altitude good enough for a main. And that include all them seeing the 4th person break and track away during the dive.

It's amazing how scary that looks when you're in the saddle and they continue to fall.

However - Tongue I don't think they forgot again for the rest of that season afterwards, at least.

They all agreed it was stupid - they didn't differentiate between the semantics of whether to call it 'forgetting' vs 'neglected' to pull, they just decided they should know it can happen and they didn't want it to happen to them again.

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