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Apr 20, 2012, 6:27 AM

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Re: [GTairhoss] Photo Album 1966 - 1976

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Thanks for the news about Mac. That's too bad, he was a good guy. I jumped there off and on about when you did. I'm Gary Thompson, D-4616. I jumped a Church Window PC and was a skinny tall guy with sandy colored hair. I remember when Richard Bach made his jumps there, I didn't happen to be here when he was. I met Ski and Donna Chimiel (can't remember how to spell it.) Also, Warren Kauffman was a good of mine who jumped there. I also did a lot of jumping at a SOD Farm a few miles north of Riverview as a member of the USF Sport Parachute Club. Are you still jumping? I had to quit recently - I got COPD and have lost about 50% of my lung capacity. Blue Skies my friend and thanks for the news about Mac, sad though it is.


Ever get one of Warren's cards? I too jumped at the Sod Farm quite a bit.

Ski and Donna's last name is spelled: Chmielewski

Pat, great album so far! Keep em coming...

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