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Apr 19, 2012, 6:43 PM

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Re: [dorbie] Model's Propeller Accident

<How about the 4-way that forgot to pull:

I've seen alot of AAD saves in the last 20 years,and none were because the skydivers were incapacitated.
And no matter how you try to rationalize being saved by an AAD because you lost awareness,it still sounds pretty stupid.
The most important thing to do on any skydive is to pull,pull on time,pull on time stable if possible.You have to pull to live!
The only acceptable reason for not pulling on time is if you are incapacitated in someway.
If you have your ass saved by the AAD because you forgot where you were,you are a dumbass.
I am not saying it could never happen to me,but it is still very stupid forgetting to pull and I sure would feel like a dumbass if I put myself there.
I would have to seriously think about whether I should continue skydiving if I forgot to pull (if I survived).
I've felt dumb enough the 8 times I've landed out and 2 of those were emergency exits and 3 were reserve rides.
I would have to say forgetting to pull is probably more stupid than walking into a spinning prop.
And relying on your audible alone was always considered a bad idea.Has this philosophy changed now?Should we never look at our altimeter or the ground anymore?
Just because a 4-way team forgets to pull doesn't make it less stupid.
Why are so many people trying to defend stupid acts?

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