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Re: [Squeak] Model's Propeller Accident

>dude seriously, name ONE person who will tell you that they FORGOT to pull.

Since many of them are dead it would be hard to get them to say anything.

But of the people who survived -

The two people at Quincy 1994 that were on the first helicopter load after the storm on Wednesday. Both forgot to pull. Cypres saved both of them. Kirlin was there within 30 seconds in a golf cart to kick them both out. I watched it all from 1000 feet away.

The four way team that had all four of their dytters reset by circling at 13000 for 20 minutes. Four cypres saves. All were "waiting for the beep."

Or if you don't believe them go to the CYPRES save website and see for yourself. Here are two:

20.July 2000
Alabama, USA
A jumper was working on head down and forgot to pull his main. The CYPRES fired
at 750 ft.

16. February 1997
Zwartberg, Belgium
After a solo jump from 6500 ft. a skydiver couldn't find his ripcord, went unstable
and tried to become stable again. Due to these procedures he forgot altitude and
time. CYPRES activated his reserve.

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