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Apr 12, 2012, 8:52 AM

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Re: [fcajump] "Hanging" harness initial/recurrent training

The important question is NOT what people's opinion is! The important question is if both have acceptable OUTCOMES.

At my home DZ we use the leaning harness for 99% of initial and re-currency EP training. Our students and graduates effectively execute their EPs when necessary in the air without difficulty.

Perhaps one reason for this success is that the leaning harnesses are so easy to use that our students drill EPs many, many, many times (almost every ground briefing in AFF, PLUS several times between AFF and A-License.) If doing several AFF jumps in one day, EPs are drilled once in the morning rather than before EVERY jump.

What OUTCOME do you believe that the hanging harness adds to the training process? In other words.... what can the student trained in the hanging harness do that the student trained in a leaning harness cannot?

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