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Skwrl  (C 36419)

Apr 11, 2012, 4:31 PM

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Re: [Flinken] Balanced Optical SteadyShot (BOSS) CX730

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Maybe BOSS and 50p together gives a smother look.

I put a side by side clip (CX115 vs CX730) on this link to compare

Thanks for doing that - it's very helpful.

My only criticism is that you're putting the CX115 at an automatic disadvantage by side-mounting the CX115 in that comparison. Side mounts put the camera much more into the wind-stream, so all things being equal you are going to get more shake. If you could top mount both and show the comparison video, that would be awesome. Or if you can side mount the CX730 and it still isn't wibbly wobbly, then that's proof the BOSS technology is, well, BOSS-like.

Personally, I'm trying to compare this new camera with my current CX-550V. It seems to be pretty similar (not 100%, but close), except for the BOSS feature.

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