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Apr 11, 2012, 9:57 AM

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Re: [w-r-u] Can I get fully certified (USPA "A" license) in one week and how much will it cost?

Hello! Good for you for making a decision to pursue your license! Last May I began my "A license in a week" training at Skydive Chicago. The week I had booked my training and took off work to spend at the DZ ended up being almost completely weathered out, so on subsequent weekends I had to travel to and from the DZ from my home in a different state. I received my A license at the end of July. In spite of the multiple trips and the 3-month time span, this schedule ended up being the best thing for me, as it allowed me time to absorb what I had learned. I found out after I enrolled that I really was not cut-out to earn my A license in a week, and I'm so glad my training did take longer. The only downside was the time it required for travel, and the added cost for the travel. For the training itself, the DZ was completely flexible even though I was technically an "A license in a week" student. If you are seriously considering pursuing your license in any sort of compressed time frame. I'd highly recommend purchasing your program as the total "A license" package. It definitely was a better value for me than if I had paid for each jump separately. There was also a sense of cohesiveness that I got from being one of the "license in a week" students as opposed to showing up at the DZ randomly and taking my jumps individually. Anyway, I suppose the "A license in a week" is possible to complete in the 7 days timeframe, but I agree with the former post that it totally depends on weather. Keep in mind that weather holds are common for students. Experienced jumpers can jump in winds that will ground a student. Be prepared to return to the DZ after that first week. Be flexible about the "in a week" schedule. As I said, in my experience, the greatest advantage was the cost. Purchasing my training in a package was definitely advantageous. However, if there is a chance that you will not be able to complete your A license at that specific DZ, you shouuld definitely find out if your training will transfer to the DZ that is local to your home. The training I did at Skydive Chicago would NOT have completely transferred to my local DZ where I live. I would have had to repeat some levels if I
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had to finish up at my local DZ. ASK your local DZ before you invest in a program that you may not be able to complete, particularly because you are traveling international to do your training. Good luck to you! I hope you enjoy your training!

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