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Apr 10, 2012, 10:38 AM

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Re: [mixedup] what packing technique is this?

If this is all in respect to what to do after the wrapped and flaked canopy is laid down (just prior to putting it in the bag)....

then this is what I do - easier to get into the bag since you use the bag to control the material at a halfway point (do the apex fold first and insert that folded part into the bag - THEN bring up the grommet end and push it into the middle fold already in the bag).

end result is the exact same pattern as if you did all the final s-folds in the traditional pattern (grommets up then apex down) and try to control whole brick into the d-bag

I'll teach this to people that have trouble getting the brick in the bag

doesn't have a name AFAIK. but whatever works, and it's nice to have another option

Edit: From the other thread

I figured this out on my own a long time ago - surprised to see it's actually very popular.

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