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Apr 9, 2012, 2:54 PM

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Re: [JerryBaumchen] Intentional Breakaways

Here are two photos of the Strong Entr 3-canopy system. The 3rd photo is one I just came across; I do not think it is of a Strong system.


That loooks like a good system. Ours was built back in the early 70's, initially for demos, out of a B4 H & C, with two mains and two sets of 1 1/2 shots, and a normal belly wart on the front.

The sight of it would prolly scare the crap out of people today, but it worked well. I did quite a few demos with it, showing "emergency" procedures, which wasn't strictly accurate, but the crowds didn't know, and thought it was great.....We always let them know what we were planning, of course...

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