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Apr 9, 2012, 12:17 PM

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Re: [riggerrob] Intentional Breakaways

Main malfunctions are never "intentional" ergo any cutaway from a malfunctioning main is an emergency.

It comes down to which nit you want to pick, The mal is simply the platform from which you depart the scene. If I am riding a mal, cutting it away is definitely one of my intentions at that point.

Pre planned is probably a better term to use...because a mal certainly isn't planned. Dealing with it is.

A DZO would be less than wise to allow you to board the aircraft with only two parachutes with the intention to cut one away no matter what.

But as far as formal regulations to make it illegal to do a pre planned cutaway without a tertiary, I doubt it is in print anywhere, simply because it is a fairly rare event, and I doubt the lawmakers have ever considered it..

The 3 parachute "rule" has simply evolved as a sensible option, by sensible skydivers, looking after their own arses.

How about the in flight transfer scenario. That could also be classified as an intentional cutaway. I've seen a couple done at close quarters by people whose reserves are due for a repack.

One in particular I remember came as close to an entanglement and bounce as you'd ever want to get without actually doing so. The jumper screwed it up completely, getting himself tangled up in his reserve, and THEN chopping his main....luckily he fell out of the entanglement.

He needed clean boxers after that one.....

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