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Apr 9, 2012, 10:30 AM

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Re: [JamDav] Cheapest AFF in the world?

and we would really like to do our AFF so we can jump at loads of locations as we go.

Just to make sure you understand something - being "done" with AFF may still make it a challenge to jump at "loads of locations" as you go. Here's the thing. "Graduating" AFF gets you one thing: the ability to self-supervise as a student. You are still an unlicensed skydiver. While it is definitely possible to move from dropzone to dropzone before you get a license, it can be more challenging when you're not yet licensed, particularly when you are moving across countries and licensing organizations where the steps and process to get licensed can vary. You may find yourself spending money and time on jumps and refresher training with an instructor to evaluate your skills when all you really want to do is walk in and do a solo skydive. (This is not a bad thing for your safety, but I suspect you'll find that "AFF graduate" won't always open the doors that you think it will without additional verification by the dropzone that you're visiting).

If you can pull it off, and since your goal seems to be not to spend any more than you have to, your best bet may be to earn an A license and then start your international skydive adventure. It will likely wind up costing you less in the short- and long-run and will likely be less frustrating.

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