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Apr 5, 2012, 3:40 PM

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Re: [rayvaci] Parachute

OK Little Brother... Now that you've been given enough shit, let me lay it out for you. You stepped in here with a request for assistance on making a "buy" decision, and not a request for learning or direction towards base-jumping.

Is it possible to buy a rig and go hurl yourself off a rock. Yes. The probabilities for survival are next to zero. So, the path towards achieving your goal is this: One you need to make at least 200 skydives. Recognize this - You'll need instruction in Base-Jumping. Most base-jumping Instructors are also skydiving Instructors and will not touch you with less than 200 skydives.

The reason is... you need a lot more knowledge that is acquired in skydiving LIKE, packing, winds, spotting, canopy control, landing, varying size and types of parachutes, the list goes on. Not to mention learning how to build our internal clock which is much more serious when one has much less reaction time for a base jump than for a skydive.

Skydiving rigs and Base jumping rigs are really quite different and this takes time to learn. If you're really serious about base jumping, walk on to any dropzone and FIRST discuss and learn about skydiving. We've been flip with you for a reason.

In almost 99% of the those cases where someone comes on here ringing the base-jumping bell... it's more about doing something that might get them some pussy than it is about being passionate about jumping. If you're serious about it, then learn. If you're not, then go buy a Harley... the cost of entry is about the same for both.

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