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Apr 4, 2012, 7:58 AM

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Re: MARD discussion...

There was another feeling I was getting from the previous thread that I wanted to address, but the discussion was shut down there, so I'll throw it in here.

At least one person seemed to be implying that MARD's/Skyhooks are so great that NOT having them on student gear was negligence. And from that, you could imply that the student operations are guilty of killing their students when those students perform low cutaways.

So let's be clear on this. Just because a drop zone doesn't have the latest and greatest parachute inventions does not mean that they are being negligent with the lives of their students. They train the students on how to respond with the gear that they have now, to save their lives in emergencies. The students need to follow those instructions, and not activate cut-aways below 1,000 feet.

It costs money to retrofit a bunch of student gear, and not all drop zones have the dough to go redesigning their gear every time something new comes out. You get to jump what's available now, not what you might like to have in a world where everyone has more money than they need. If you're not comfortable with that, don't jump.

Student gear, and even experienced gear, is often a bunch of compromises. What might solve one problem, often has a downside and can create other problems. How someone chooses to address those compromises and configure their gear is a personal choice. They shouldn't be called negligent just because their decision process is different from yours.

How about an automobile analogy? Do you go out and buy a new high-end car every year in order to have the latest and greatest safety gimmicks that the manufacturers dream up? What, you can't afford that? Well, why not retrofit your existing car? That's too expensive too? Does it mean that you are negligent because you own an older or cheaper car that doesn't have side airbags? Should you be sued if you loan your car to a friend and they run a stop sign and die in a side-impact collision because you chose not to buy a car with side airbags? Is everyone who doesn't drive a Cadillac Escalade an unsafe motorist who is just asking for trouble?

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