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Mar 28, 2012, 10:09 PM

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Re: [Rogersmoke] When does a Tourist become a skydiver?

Serious question here - are you at all an outgoing (extroverted) person?
Some DZs can be clique-ish, and sometimes up jumpers dont want to jump with lowtime jumpers because they want a successful dive for whatever reason - but I find it hard to believe that you were specifically excluded from any after-jumping DZ hangouts unless you just dont talk to anyone at the DZ, you put out a dickhead vibe, or maybe you need to bathe. If you really feel that way your best bet might be to ASK someone you know at the DZ, or just find another place to jump. Skydivers are people just like anyone else, a little friendliness goes a long way.
For what its worth, Dave is completely correct with what he said - you are not winning any friends here by taking everything he told you out of context and whining like a baby - would you want to hang out with someone who posted the stuff you have put in this thread?
Skydiving is an adult sport, so man up. I dont know the specifics of your issues, but I can for sure tell you that YOU sound like the problem based on the tone of your posts on here.
And that is not trying to slag you, I am actually trying to help.

Edit to add that I personally have never been to a DZ where I didnt get invited to jump with someone, even if it was just a two way. I have found that most skydivers are by nature fairly friendly people. Seriously, maybe you need to branch out and try a new DZ.
OR, maybe you need to just walk up to someone at your DZ and say "Hey how ya doing? My name is __, I have XX jumps and I would really like to do a XX jump. Would you be interested, or if you have something going on do you know anyone I could jump with?"
Just trying to help man.

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