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Mar 28, 2012, 7:30 PM

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Re: [dthames] Increase # of returning students

BUT will it make you come back to skydiving or did that extra effort make you feel like you wanted to go back to that dropzone because you felt like they gave the extra effort
WHAT has a dropzone done for you to make you want to come back outside of risking their life's for your money cause it sure was not for you You are a dollar sign no matter what they tell you unless you hang around long enough and pay them enough

It was not for DAN it was for BEN FRANKLIN LOTS OF THEM
Loving the Fuck up students that they make bets on and laugh behind their back at
How stupid they are. And how much money they will make off the ones who they know have no chance of making it but sure as hell take every fucking penny from them .
Making bets on how many jumps they will last

Hey lets be nice for a second cause they still got a little money left and might go somewhere that actually teaches skydiving instead of taking money just for letting someone jump out of their plane and with me the great sky god.
Treating the ones like my self who breeze through training with no problem also like a dollar

want to help me get a parachute yeah here.s a catalog and order form their eyes light up thinking about that commision and i bet not one mother fucker there knows my name or ever asked me to stay for a beer,
So what makes you want to go back to a dropzone?
Cause I sure would like to find some that act anything like the people that post on these forums

At what point do you bring them in to your private little group OR some just TOURIST i believe you call them forever or until their money is gone?

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