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stayhigh  (F 111)

Mar 27, 2012, 9:04 PM

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Re: [tofou] JFX vs Velocity

JFX dives pretty close to velo, they just don't retain much power thru the swoop.

Opens on heading and nice, without much snivel.

Same wingloaded JVX flys much much different vs JFX. You can call JFX as a super specter flights and JVX feels like super stilletto flight.

If you like flat glide get the JVX, if you like decent opening and steep glide get the JFX.

JFX will stall out much quicker on rears before it flattens out anywhere near JVX does.

Even JFX has potential to fuck your day up with bad opening tho. I've only jumped JFX 15 times or so, but just like any x-braced canopy when shit goes wrong it will go wrong very quickly. Don't let the advertising fool you. I've seen plenty jump with Sub 84 velo and fly wingsuits. They claim JFX to be docile canopy when it is really not. Luigi Cani can jump JFX with wingsuit, but that doensn't mean that anyone else can.

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