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davelepka  (D 21448)

Mar 14, 2012, 7:10 PM

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Re: [theonlyski] Proposal for wing loading limits

I could see a rush on canopy downsizing if this were to come into effect, and that would make for more dangerous skies, IMHO.

Do you mean that people would rush to downsize if this type of BSR was imminent, in order to be 'grandfathered' in at a higher WL?

Some jumpers might do that, but again, you have to plan for the majority, not the (stupid) minority. Any jumper dumb enough to do that can just be added to the list of jumpers the BSR was too late to help. That list is already 10 years long, so if there's a small contingent of jumpers insisting on hopping on it at the last minute, then so be it.

Let's focus on the majority of jumpers who will fall in line with the BSR, and every new jumper who comes into the sport from here on in who will only know skydiving with a WL BSR and required canopy control courses.

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