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Mar 14, 2012, 9:38 AM

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Re: [JackC1] Proposal for wing loading limits

>So why isn't that part of the proposal?

This only lists the requirements, not how to learn how to do them. (I wrote an article in the safety section about how to learn those skills.)

>Instead you've got the one shot, do or die, 90 degree turn at 50ft natural selection test.

?? No one said anything about "one shot." It's something that has to be learned over many jumps.

What we have today is (effectively) a one shot, do or die, hard low turn requirement with no training. It happens when someone finds themselves about to hit a fence. So they toggle turn and die. That's what this particular requirement is trying to overcome.

>And why, for the third time of asking, are all the canopy drills exactly the same for all levels?

They're not - the drills under the smaller canopies are a lot harder.

That being said there's no reason to put every one at every level, as long as all get learned. Do you have a suggestion for a different order?

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