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Mar 14, 2012, 5:26 AM

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Re: [JackC1] Proposal for wing loading limits

And why, for the third time of asking, are all the canopy drills exactly the same for all levels?

They're not the same, the canopies are different. All canopies fly by the same mechansim and theory, the difference is in the degree of response and reaction you get to control inputs. I flare my Velo with the same basic motion that I flared a Manta on my first jump, it's just done at a different speed and with a different level of precision.

Determining if a jumper can 'handle' a canopy or not could very well be the same test for any canopy, with the only variable being the canopy.

That aside, my take on the whole idea is that it's too few steps along the way. I think the B Germain chart is the way to go when structuring that part of the plan. It maintains sensible WL along the way, but does allow for downsizing (small increments) at 100 jumps intervals. It's hard to argue with a .1 sq ft per pound downsize provided the jumper was doing OK with the current canopy, and had stuck with it for at least 100 jumps.

In terms of education, if you tie it in with licensing requirements, the canopy control course could take care of the 'test' requirements for those downsizes. For example, the B license class could be 'proof' the jumper is ready to downsize at 100 jumps, the C would coincide with the 200 jump downsize, and the D at 500 jumps.

As for downsizing at 300 and 400 jumps, a simple skills evel could be used. Make it like the PRO rating, with 3 or 4 declared jumps where an insctructor or S&TA observes, and you have to fly a pattern and land within a certain area. If one of the patterns includes a flat turn to final, then so be it.

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