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Mar 13, 2012, 4:31 PM

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Re: [billvon] Proposal for wing loading limits

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>I do know last year 45% was 2000 plus jumps and this proposal would do nothing
>for them. Just sayin!

You don't think that requiring them to demonstrate flat turns, flare turns etc would have helped them? There is a thread just below this one entitled "How a flat turn probably saved my life" - I think there is indeed some value in learning to do them.

I do and to be honest didnt even look at it. I had my fill of charts in the other thread. Again dont think using a chart as a guild line is a bad Idea. Just having it a a BSR I think having people going threw courses learning all these drills and explaining why they are doing them. Another perfect example is the couple posts behind me both didnt understand why they didnt need to do double front if they are not swooping. If they took a canopy course they would understand why. We have different methods on how we think this needs to be done. I know we both want the same result. Less people dying.

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