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Mar 12, 2012, 1:19 PM

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Re: [billvon] Safety rules and USPA

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>I think it's just make the discition for the because them are not educated enough to
>make the decision themselves.

I agree. And that's why restrictions work - to give them enough time to get that education _before_ they cripple or kill themselves.

>What good is a chart if this guy or that girl can go outside the chart.

It's not good if anyone can do that. If they have to take a course BEFORE they can do that, then they'll take the course - and the objective (more education) will be achieved.

Agree so where does this chart fit in then? If everyone is taking canopy courses whats the chart for? How does that teach?

So basically the chart is a glide line of the person making the chart Who thinks said wing loading is good for everyone based off of jump numbers and no other factor. I don't see how you can do this with all variables out there that comes with it.
If you do include all the different situation in the chart. Whats the point. Either they are ready or they are not. A chart will never be able to tell you this. A course will.

Just got home man im sorry about all the typos in my posts.

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