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ozzy13  (D 29344)

Mar 12, 2012, 9:24 AM

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Re: [matthewcline] Safety rules and USPA

Whatever lol
I was in a gas station filling my car with gass while typing this actually. Listen people wii always die in this sport. It's a fact of life. We are all adults and if we educate them they will be smarter adults. I really don't mind a chart if education goes with it. Geez one of the fatalities was a guy with 150 jumps with a camera on his head and jumping with a tandem. We have restrictions on that and a lot they did for that guy. I just think if we took the time to teach people why this or that is more of a risk they would be less likely to do it and if they do do it they would have a better understanding what they are gettting involved in. I have said enough on this madder. Time to go skydive.

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