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Mar 8, 2012, 1:26 PM

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Re: [sooperswooper] Safety rules and USPA

Then, I agree, because at this point, they should make MANDATORY for all B, C and D already licensed skydivers to demonstrate their canopy piloting proficiency as well at their license renewal.
Number of jumps doesn't mean that someone knows how to fly a canopy at its full.
How many 'x000' jumps skydivers do only RW and then spiral down opening at 2000 ft every time?
I did at least 30 H&P pulling at 5500 ft and worked on all the drills suggested from Brian Germain articles, I took a canopy piloting course and I will take a speedflying training also, I love canopy piloting, for me is the most difficult, challenging and rewarding part of the skydive, in aviation the best pilot is the one who lands the plane perfectly! I know jumpers with more than 1000 jumps that don't even know what happen to the canopy with different inputs, while, me as a noob I do.
I jump mostly in Perris and Elsinore and I see how many oldtimers consider the 3 legs landing pattern 'optional', more than one time I asked them why they don't land properly, they just say, 'Oh sorry, you are right'.
I don't like the fact that since we are noobs, we have to pay for others mistakes. Some skydivers have skygod attitude no matter how many jumps, 20 or 10000, especially here in this forum, people judge other people without even knowing them, just based of jump numbers.
Canopy piloting should be THE priority in AFF, not freefall, nobody explained to me WHY I had to use rears or front risers inputs, what the canopy does in flight, etc, they just told me to do it. I didn't even know that you can pilot with harness inputs, now I do it all the time, I fly a Spectre 190 loaded at 0.98-1.0 and I will keep flying it until I won't be able squeeze anything else from that canopy, no matter if it will takes 20 jumps or 200.
I don't care to run the downsize race, it really doesn't matter, I like to feel in control of my canopy, not being in control.
Attitude and mentality matters, jumps number comes second.
I love the sport but make mandatory certain things would ruin it, again, I will not pay for others mistakes, I will for mine.

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