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Mar 6, 2012, 5:05 PM

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Re: [bherrick] Coaching question

Sorry about all the thread drift on I vs Coach.

Bottom line:
If you don't 100% know the subject matter you are
going to teach, get someone who does....having a
rating of any sort has nothing to do with that.

IMHO, for your examples:
If they have been using the same equipment that the
had been using, a thorough verbal review and
demonstration repetitions by the jumper

Quiz them to see what they remember. Re-enforce
what is correct, re-teach what is wrong or not

For the guys cross-training on new equipment and
such, you may want to turn that over to an Instructor.

"I got 50 jumps! I need a re-currency jump!"

Well, those 50 jumps may have been all static line
with no freefall. That's method-specific traing needs
and it would have to be an AFF Instructor teaching.

Bottom line: If YOU aren't sure of what you are
talking about, the jumper won't either and you really
don't want to put them in the air like that.

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