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Mar 6, 2012, 8:09 AM

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Re: [Skyper] Canopy Entanglement Video

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Glad you're OK.

Just curious, did you think of releasing the stowed brake line to stop the spin?

At the time? No. I didn't realize exactly what was entangled - I thought it was a steering line, not the excess break line. Panic and inexperience made it worse.

In retrospect, I wonder if it would have helped given how spun up it was. I'm guessing it would have, but...

Something didn't seem quite right the first time I watched the vid so I took another look.

I think you may have a few things going on there...

After the deployment starts you do about a 180 as it's opening.

As the canopy inflates, it appears as if one side is loaded a lot more than the other...even prior to the snag one riser group is several inches higher than the other.

Also as it's opening it looks like the left group has a twist in it?

Am I seeing things or did that pack job really suck? Wink

I think you're right, but I'd also factor into our thinking that it was a wingsuit deployment and I was just learning how to fly one. I was notorious for having crappy body position, which can cause spin ups (although based on the video, I don't think I had a lot of lateral motion in that particular jump). I think you've identified an additional factor, though!

if you've just learning how to fly a wingsuit why did you add a camera gear on a top of it?

Did you watch the recommendations at the end of the video? One of the things I pointed out was that it was a mistake for me to have done that.

Keep in mind the video was from a jump in 2007, but I added my commentary and thoughts about it as of 2012 - a major one of those would be "learn both but take your time to do so."

In my opinion it's important for people to acknowledge their own mistakes so that they (and others) can learn from them.

EDITED TO ADD: But to answer your question, at the time I thought I had the necessary skills. I was wrong.

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