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stratostar  (Student)

Mar 3, 2012, 2:20 PM

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Re: [mark] New BSR Affects Everyone

What you don't think there is any risk in Cessna, piper or schweizer being sued in any sailplane operations if little 14 yr old johnny crashes on his solo or other flights.

Sorry it's lame as hell for USPA to be passing this type of BSR, knocking out under age tandems is one thing, changing how a great deal of us learned to jump is another, there is no reason a 16 yr old can't SL or AFF, in fact I bet the records will show very few have ever sued after the fact once they turned 18 or 19 in some states.

Also its kind of funny that some of those who have been bitching the loudest have had no problem taking their own underage kids on tandem jumps... guess it's a do as we say and not as we do kind of thing.

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