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Feb 29, 2012, 11:56 AM

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Re: [skybytch] Microraven 150 @ 1.25 WL

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is this max weight just to keep the WL at 1:1 although it can handle more?

Maybe it can handle more. Maybe not. Ravens were designed back in the 1980's, when no one loaded anything over 1.0. Even if it was built after most jumpers started flying zp mains, it's still ancient technology.

It probably won't blow up on you

I saw a guy spin in under a reserve without span-wise reinforcing tapes across all the line attachments that had split in two and five cell chunks on deployment which were held together only by the single strong tape at the tail.

That was an AFF instructor knocked out by a student on deployment who left the video unconscious in a head-down position and presumably traveling fast when his CYPRES fired although I'd guess a premature deployment freeflying could do the same thing.

For classic accuracy or flat RW I would and do jump old designs at appropriate wing-loadings (the Raven-III in my accuracy rig is 250 square feet), but for freeflying I'll stick to something like the PDR, Smart, R-Max, etc. (even Tempos made after 2001 got span-wise tapes).

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